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Kathy Darling
Teacher of the Year!

Buna High School

High School Highlights

Attention All Buna HS Senior Family and Friends!

Buna High School is offering the opportunity to give a personalized five to seven second message with photos to appear on the HS webpage for the Month of May. Please send your photo with a personal message up to 115 characters to for display.

Each student will be limited to 2 personalized slides.

                                          Congratulations to the 2015-2016 Drill Team!

Captain Lauren Ward, 1st Lieutenant Bailee Blueitt, 2nd Lieutenant Carlee Whitehead, Jena Best, Kimberlyn Carter, Peyton Garner, Kara Green, Erin Laramore, Kristen Ray, Natalie Shiflet, Katelyn Wagstaff, Natalie Withers

Alma Mater

Hail to thee our

Buna High School
Guide and Guardian,
thou shall be;

Through the years our memories linger Ever true to Thee.

Love and guide us and protect our Endless loyalty;

Hail to Buna's Alma Matar,
Buna High.




Fight Song

Fight, Fight, Fight

You Cougars Fight,
And win this game tonight.
We'll yell for you and
Buna too
So Fight until the end.
Fight, Fight, Fight!

Victory, Victory is our cry,
We're bound to do or die.
We'll fight and fight
With all our might
To honor the Blue and White. Fight, Fight


Buna High School
177 FM 253 (Physical)
Buna, Texas 77612

PO Box 1087 (Mailing)
Buna, Texas 77612

(409) 994-4811 (Office)
(409) 994-4818

School Hours
7:30am - 3:45pm


Roy Farias







Chris McKinley
Asst. Principal





Campus Announcements
Driver Education Program

House Bill 5 Update