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Course Expectations

Course Expectations, Policies and Procedures

English III – Janice Burgan



Required: 1” binder or folder, notebook paper, blue/black pens or pencils, (additionally AP students need sticky notes and sheet protectors) NO SPIRALS

Helpful: colored pens, highlighters, notecards

Grading Policies

  1. Grading Proportions
  1. Daily grades – 50%  (daily assignments, quizzes, homework, etc.)
  2. Major Grades – 50% (tests, projects, essays, etc.)
  1.  Grading Practices
  1. Grades cannot be given if students do not identify themselves on assignments.  I will not attempt to identify assignments based on handwriting.  No name = No Grade
  2. If I cannot read it, I cannot grade it.  I must be able to read your handwriting in order to grade papers.
  3. Assignments must be completed on notebook paper with blue/black pen or pencil. DO NOT turn in assignments torn out of spiral notebooks.
  1.  Make-up work
  1. School Related Absences – Students are expected to obtain, complete and turn in assignments missed due to school related functions BEFORE the absences occur. This includes tests, which can be taken the day before or the day of the absence.
  2. It is ALWAYS the STUDENT’S responsibility to initiate requests for absentee work. Make-up work should be picked up before school, during activity period, during my prep period or after school.
  3. After an absence due to illness or emergency, students are responsible for obtaining and completing missed assignments. Make up tests will not be the same as the original tests, and they must be made up in tutorials.
  4. After an absence due to illness or emergency, students have the same number of days to complete assignments as they were absent (two absences = two days to complete assignments). The policy is the same for making up tests.  Extenuating circumstances can be discussed on an individual basis.
  1. Retesting
    1. ‚ÄčLiterature Tests and Essays – Corrections can be made to achieve a grade up to a 70. This can be commpleted before school, activity period or affer school only.
    2. Objective Tests – a full retest can be taken to achieve a grade up to a 70 after a mandatiry 30-miinute study session. The study session and the retest can be completed before school, activity period and after school only.
  1. Late Work
  1. I DO NOT accept late work. Assignments are considered late if they are not turned in when called for.
  1. Extra Credit
  1. I DO NOT assign extra credit.



Behavior Expectations

  1. Rules
  1. Be nice.
  2. Be on time. (When the bell rings, class has started. If you aren’t in the room, you are late.)
  3. Be prepared.
  4. Be engaged.
  1. Discipline Ladder
  1. Warning
  2. Selective Redirection/Parent Contact
  3. Referral
  1. Bullying, harassment, name-calling, horseplay, profanity and other inappropriate behaviors will not be tolerated and will result in an immediate referral.

Computer Use

There will be occasions when you will be required to use a computer for an assignment. If you do not have a computer at home, there are computers in the library and in my class that you will have access to before and after school. “Lost” files are not an excuse for not having an assignment, so please learn how to properly save work in Google Docs and Google Classroom.


Cheating is punishable for all parties involved. Assignments, tests and projects that have been deemed as products of cheating or plagiarism (form of cheating) will be given a zero.  Cheating includes, but is not limited to, giving or receiving answers, working jointly on independent assignments or using unapproved resources to obtain answers.


          Daily                        Tuesday & Thursday

7:15 a.m. – 7:55 a.m.          3:30 p.m. – 4:00 p.m.

Contact Information

I encourage students and parents to contact me with any questions or concerns, and I will return calls/emails within 24 hours.

jburgan@bunaisd.net or 409.994.4811

Electronic Devices

Electronic devices are not permitted in class unless we are engaged in an activity that involves the device. Phones and other devices being used during unapproved times will be confiscated and turned into the office.