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Book End Decorating Contest


Book End Decoration Contest


  1. Pay $1 - $2 for a book end (depends on the type you choose

  2. Paint the book end to represent your favorite library book (you may use paint, markers, etc)

  3. Try to choose a book that is not already taken by another student.

  4. Criteria:

    1. Decorate the correct side (see Mrs. Stanley if you aren’t sure)

    2. Choose a book that is located in our library (or on order for the library)

    3. Book title must be located on the book end somewhere

    4. Put your name on the BOTTOM of the book end, so it can’t be seen when it is judged

  5. You will be judged on creativity, effort, how well you followed instructions, and how well you linked the image and design to your book

  6. Return the book end to Mrs. Stanley by Tuesday, November 8.  Winners will be announced by November 10.

  7. The book ends will be used in the library.

  8. Prizes:

    1. 1st Place will receive a $20 Amazon gift card

    2. 2nd Place will receive a $10 Amazon gift card

    3. 3rd Place will receive a free book

Be Creative!!!



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