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Anton Taucer


I currently teach Honors Anatomy & Physiology, Honors Chemistry, Physics, and Honors Physics.  In addition to those subjects, I am certified to teach Biology, Integrated Physics and Chemistry, Environmental Science, Aquatic Science, Astronomy, and all Advanced Placement Classes for the previous subjects listed.

Course Descriptions


Honors Chemistry

            Honors Chemistry students will be taught at a level that is equivalent to a freshman level college chemistry class, and as such, will have a more complete understanding of chemical processes.  They will learn all appropriate procedures, proper equipment usage, and collection and manipulation of data.  The student will make predictions based on mathematics and various models.


            Physics is an introductory course that will provide the student with a thorough knowledge of the laws of nature that apply to a variety of physical phenomena.  Concepts are emphasized, but every concept has a mathematical relationship that must be explored.

Honors Physics

            The same topics discussed in Physics will be covered in greater detail and with greater emphasis on higher level mathematical skills. 

Honors Anatomy and Physiology - Human Systems

            Students will study the structures and functions of the human body and its various systems.  It will require the student to demonstrate a thorough knowledge of appropriate vocabulary, details of body structures and processes, and the application of this information in analyzing scenarios presented in higher level questions.


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