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 Buna High School Counselors

Traci Sherman and Betty Klutts share the responsibilities of counseling at Buna High School. 
Mrs. Sherman is full time, and Mrs. Klutts is part time.  

Both counselors encourage students and parents to contact them when there is a question
about scheduling, grades, or career planning. They are also available for personal counseling, 
when necessary.

                          Please contact either counselor at 994-4811 or by e-mail.

                           tsherman@bunaisd.net             bklutts@bunaisd.net


                                                                           College GPA Conversion Scale
                                                                                            4.0 - 100
                                                                                            3.0 - 90
                                                                                            2.0 - 80
                                                                                            1.0 - 70

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