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cougarPrincipal:  Mike Brewster

Assistant Principal:  Shawn Clubb

Administrative Assistant: Melissa Best

Student Services Secretary: Betty Lavergne

Attendance Secretary: Carla Smith

Counselor: Traci Sherman






****All Students Are Required To Attend the Pep Rally. No student will be allowed to leave before 3:30 on Pep Rally Days*****





**Students must pay their $20 fee no later than Monday, September 9th**

----New for Students in Grades 8 -11----

Electronic Chromebook Device Insurance Fee

This year students in grades 8-11 will pay a $20 insurance fee to offset the cost of repairs for accidental damage to electronic devices provided by the district. The fee also will allow the student to use a "loaner" device in the event the student does not bring the device to school or their device is not operable due to accidental damage. The fee is to provide an incentive for students to take care of the district devices which they will use regularly, and protect them from excessive costs by accidental damage. This fee should be paid no later than Friday of the second week of school. For your convenience, the fee can be paid at "Meet the Teacher" on August 19. 

**Intentional damage, abuse, or gross negligence and failure to follow guidelines will not be covered by the insurance. The insurance also does not cover lost devices. 
The $20 fee covers the first claim for accidental damage. At the second claim, the student will be responsible for paying the $20 fee again