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If you prefer to do your reading on your own device, then ebooks are for you!

Our ebooks can be read on your chromebook through Destiny Discover, or by downloading the Destiny Discover App on your phone.  Download Destiny Discover App to download ebooks to your mobile device.  We have more than 75 fiction ebooks available on our site.

To set up your Destiny Apps, you will need to enter the school's name along with your Destiny Username and Password. 

Username: first initial and last name; ex: jsmith

Password: Capitalized first initial, lowercase last initial, 00 and your lunch number; ex: Js001234




More eBooks:

Electronic Library - Download Free eBooks from a variety of authors.


The Houston Public Library - You can receive a library card from The Houston Public Library, which will give you access to more ebooks, audiobooks, and digital resources. 

Fill out the library card registration form and mail a copy of your or your parent's ID to:

Houston Public Library

System Circulation Department (Power Card)

500 McKinney

Houston, TX 77002